One of a rare breed of genuinely intellectual musicians, Kilo M.O.E. also has the songcraft and life experience to endow songs like 'Everything Designer' with an instantly recognizable street-cred.”


"THA GRIZZ What it iz"

"THA GRIZZ What it iz"

Maurice Jones Aka Kilo M.O.E  

CEO, Music Producer, Songwriter, Rapper, Athlete



Kilo M.O.E (real name Maurice Jones) started his rise to stardom in the entertainment world at the age of 7, when he was selected as one of the casts in the movie “Enemy mine”, alongside Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossit Jr. The role signalled a big move for him as an upcoming star and literally opened his eyes to the many possibilities of the entertainment world and helped shaped his influences.


Kilo M.O.E’s musical career spans over 2 decades with stellar works to his credit. He has several singles, two (2) musical videos and six (6) mixtapes, some of which include “Cray”, “Err”, “Everything Designer”, and “Everything designer” remix. All of these beautiful pieces of music has earned Kilo M.O.E streams and downloads running into hundreds of thousands, not mentioning the pirated copies of his work and other free materials. Kilo M.O.E’s commitment to the art of producing good music is easily recognizable and stands out significantly as he consistently churns out musical works.


The man Maurice Jones took a foray into politics, athletics, and he had a fling with body building, going as far as being rated among the top ten in the heavy weight class in the NPC Florida State competition.

After a successful career as a personal trainer, he went on to establish his independent record label, On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012. Since then, his music has continued to gain recognition in the nation.


Since he started On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012, Kilo M.O.E has consistently worked towards establishing himself as a legend in the industry. His first studio album titled “Gods Generalz” which was self-produced, was his first move on the stables of OMG entertainment. Good Fellaz Muzik, LLc, and Apollo Williams from Florida heavily influenced the production of this project. While working on “Gods Generalz”, Kilo M.O.E worked in Florida, Phoenix, and Cali to perfect his album.


“God’s Generalz” allowed Kilo M.O.E express his art freely and he did show the strength of his craft especially as he didn’t have to deal with many external influences. He presented a unique musical work, with brilliant creative production that featured a lot of hard groovy bass lines and lows.


Kilo M.O.E’s music usually captures real stories over synths and chords.


Rambo is Kilo’s first visual project in almost three years. The success of this further reinforced OMG’s place as a premier digital media publishing company. Without the backing of any major record label, OMG entertainment was able to successfully market and promote Kilo’s single and the results have been nothing short of exceptional.


In partnership with power 104 FM, Renegade Revolt, and OMG entertainment, the song Rambo has remained on the lips of every true music lover. The music video which was shot in various locations one of which coincidentally, was the birthplace of On My Grizzly (OMG) Entertainment has been receiving massive airplay. It has also already recorded thousands of views on streaming sites.



.  He has gained tremendous support of several radio stations and Dj’s,  Dj King Assasin, DJ Holiday (POWER 104fm), The Playmaker (Hot 103 jamz), DJ IZUHM (OndagrindTV),and several others to name a few.
Business Life
As CEO; Instead of heading straight to Hollywood KILO M.O.E created OMG (On My Grizzly) Entertainment established in 2012.  KILO M.O.E is a nationally recognized businessman and ASCAP member.   The company specializes in digital Multimedia publishing through the publishing entity “Tha Grizz Publishing©, marketing promotions and sales.  Kilo M.O.E's digital brand has solidified partnerships with the likes of Power 104 FM based in Charlotte, NC, Renegade Revolt whom which is in partnership with the innovative OVNIO digital cable streaming network seen on Fox Business news, and recently solidified partnership deals with RUDEBOY global clothing brand and lifestyle magazine.

L.O.C.K.E.D Magazine (First issue and Indie Full cover spread)

ONEWESTTV (owned by Artist Tech Ni9e)
DJ Kane Drummer squad (power 105Fm mix DJ)
Renegade Revolt (a division of Cervo Media group, Inc.)
L.O.C.K.E.D Magazine (First issue and Indie Full cover spread)
Official Digital campaign executive @EAE Radio

Dj King Assassin (Owner at 98.2 The Beat L.A. Former Tupac Producer)